Monday, September 21, 2009

Time is running out!

Only 5 more days til the beginning of Banned Books Week. By now, you should have chosen your banned or challenged book in hopes of completing it by 3 Oct. This awareness campaign celebrates the freedom of choice and focuses on the need to make every book publicly available so that we can develop our own opinions. It has been a tradition since 1982! Let's continue to support it and bring awareness to the power of literature. I am finishing up 'Blood Done Sign My Name' and will probably only have time for one more before the celebration ends; I've decided to read 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. Let us know what you've chosen.

Happy Reading...


  1. Curious as to why you will ban "Blood Done Sign My Name"

  2. Hi, Panacea! I do not ban books. In fact, I am totally against it. I choose the books I read during Banned Books Weeks from lists that have already established by others. These lists not only name books that are banned but also those that at any point have been challenged. I have not found a reason why 'Blood Done Sign My Name' was challenged but we can all assume that is was due to racial content. Also, it was questioned whether or not the author was even being truthful when writing it. Visit the link below when you have the chance and let me know what you think. I hope you can also join on the 'Avid Readers Unite' fan page on facebook.